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We're so lucky to have some amazing people lining up for both The Guzzler and The Glass Half Full. In the lead up to race day, we'll feature some of the athlete stories here: from first timers attempting a new challenge through to experienced ultramarathoners. Front, back or middle of the pack, everyone who attempts a trail ultramarathon is an athlete and everyone has a story. So let's hear some of them!

Lee Stoermer

"I wanted to experience the pain of just how unfit I was as a wake up call to change my life."


Sherry Straatman

"I don't care if I'm the last person to cross the finish line with 1 second to spare and I crawl across it."


Deb Nicholl

"I don’t even like running. I run because I love food so much & if I didn’t run I would be completely round."




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