The Guzzler Ultra - Year 620th—21st July 2024

Deb Nicholl

100km | Mountain Goat Trail Runners

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We’re so lucky to have some amazing people lining up for both The Guzzler and The Glass Half Full. In the lead up to race day, we’re featuring some of the athlete stories here. In this edition, meet the amazing Deb Nicholl, a familiar face at many trail and ultra running events across Australia and NZ.

Let’s Meet

Deb Nicholl

I don’t even like running. I run because I love food so much & if I didn’t run I would be completely round. True. 😀

Why are you running The Guzzler?

Firstly, I’m a huge fan of supporting wonderful lovely people who have supported, encouraged & helped me over the years. I can’t talk more fondly of The Trail Co. They are truly the best. Always a welcoming smile when you visit the shop, great advice & nothing is ever to big or too small when it comes to these guys. I wanted to say thanks for everything by supporting The Trail Co. by signing up for the Guzzler.

Secondly, because The Guzzler course looks AMAZING. The elevation is huge, the scenery is stunning & I get to run a 100km trail race in my own back yard. No brainer really. But boy is it going to hurt 🙂  🙁

How long have you been trail or ultra running?

I started running about 18-20 years ago but nothing of any great distance over 60km until I moved to Queensland 11 years ago. Since 2007 I have taken on a few longer adventures. Well that’s what I like to call them.

What’s your proudest trail running moment?

That’s a tough one. There’s a few but I would have to say coming 1st equal crossing the line hand in hand with Troy Lum on day 2 of the Larapinta stage race in 2017, in scorching heat, after tackling some mighty fine climbs, was definitely a highlight for me. I wouldn’t say it was the smartest thing I have done as day 3 & 4 hurt so bad after that but I always smile when I think about that amazing day.

Another was the 239.597ks I clocked up in 24 hours at the Caboolture Historical Village back in 2013. I was chasing an Australian qualifier of 190ks which seemed way out of my reach so to get just under 240k was a pretty big thrill.

How will you get through the tough times on course?

I think copious amounts of shandies will be required to survive The Guzzler. Hehehehehe.  5 weeks post BVRT 200 miler, so it’s going to be ugly with tired heavy legs but its more about the head space for me. Positivity has gotten me through some pretty bad patches in the past in other tough races so keeping it light, fun, breaking it down into lots of small sections, getting my hike on, having fun with my crew Wingy (sorry I forgot to ask can you please crew for me hehehehe) & taking a few pictures along the way should get me to the finish in 1 piece I hope!

What’s your goal for the event?

Hard to say really. Ask me again after the 200 miler 🙂 Will be an awesome day no matter what the outcome.

Who would be your ultimate race crew?

Ultimate race crew.. Ummmm TEAM BEAN. Those guys can’t be beaten 🙂

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From first timers attempting a new challenge through to experienced ultramarathoners, front, middle or back of the pack, everyone attempting The Guzzler and The Glass Half Full is an athlete and everyone has a story. Want to share yours with us? We’d love to hear from you as we get to know some of our Guzzlers.

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