The Guzzler Ultra - Year 620th—21st July 2024

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So you made it. How did you do?


The Guzzler 100km
|Jill Ellis14:50:112023AUS|Tim Locke10:39:452023AUS
The Glass Half Full 50km
|Lydia Odonnell05:28:422023AUS|Ben Duffus04:27:122023AUS
The Big Sipper 21km
|Emily Burns01:47:572023AUS|Ben Duffus01:27:422021AUS
The Dry Run 10km
|Michaela Mcdonald00:55:502023AUS|Zac Milligan00:47:152023AUS

Hall of Fame

The Guzzler Ultra 100km

1|Tim Locke**10:39:45**AUS|Jill Ellis**14:50:11**AUS
2|Shaun Pettit11:31:08GBR|Phoebe Nance15:36:34AUS
3|Kurtis Stirling12:14:33GBR|Amber Wood15:50:18AUS
2022 †||
1|Mark Hollingsworth11:39:24AUS|Reesha Lewis12:20:04AUS
2|Adam Fox11:58:07 AUS|Sarah Parkins14:38:03AUS
3|Benn Coubrough12:08:26AUS|Aimee Sulzberger15:24:53AUS
1|Shaun Pettit11:28:12GBR|Robyn Koszta15:17:11AUS
2|Tait Hearps12:46:01AUS|Nicola Mcmahon15:43:57AUS
3|Alex Murphy12:51:54GBR|Chrissy Redwood15:58:34GBR
1|Nicholas Bamford12:14:22GBR|Rebecca Philipp14:56:05IRL
2|Matevz Slapnicar12:28:30SVK|Emma Burgess15:02:38AUS
3|Yun Phua13:09:19AUS|Janet Smith, Donna Oliver15:32:20AUS
1|Yun Phua11:49:01AUS|Naomi Mitchell15:22:12AUS
2|Torgeir Crisford-Solemdal12:45:00NOR|Narelle Cabassi16:11:08AUS
3|Alex Murphy13:02:53GBR|Madeline Shield16:44:10AUS

†Modified Course
**Course Record

The Glass Half Full 50km

|Ben Duffus**04:27:12**AUS|Lydia Odonnell**05:28:42**AUS
|Tom Driscoll04:39:39AUS|Meagan Brown05:39:41AUS
|Andy Dey04:48:36AUS|Jess Short05:48:36AUS
1|Aaron Smith05:08:28AUS|Tracey Mcdonald06:30:43AUS
2|Josh Corcoran05:20:40AUS|Jessica Batterham06:34:34AUS
3|Joey Campbell05:30:16AUS|Hannah Sudell06:35:30AUS
1|Casey Munro04:52:39AUS|Reesha Lewis05:10:09AUS
2|Nicholas Tutticci04:55:58AUS|Claire Game05:52:04AUS
3|Jack Gill05:03:08GBR|Tracey Mcdonald05:58:07AUS
1|Nicholas Tutticci05:21:23AUS|Reesha Lewis05:11:21AUS
2|Adrian De La Nougerede05:26:55GBR|Sonya Alba-Miller05:59:12AUS
3|Andrew Hill05:30:59AUS|Carol Robertson06:11:06AUS
1|Ben Duffus04:09:36AUS|Pip Meo06:00:26NZL
2|Luke Garrett04:41:49AUS|Claire Game06:24:49AUS
3|Christophe Manchon04:51:12AUS|Katie Dall06:26:49NZL

**Course Record

The Big Sipper 21km

|Gabriele Fior01:36:23ITA|Emily Burns**01:47:57**AUS
|David Stacey01:48:21AUS|Dani Taylor02:05:40AUS
|Peter Hosking01:48:48AUS|Laura Daly02:09:08AUS
1|Ben Duffus01:30:20AUS|Kellie Pritchard-Peschek02:03:45AUS
2|Jack Gill01:32:55GBR|Cath Collis02:07:28AUS
3|Gabriele Fior01:39:17AUS|Britt Chambers02:09:06AUS
1|Ben Duffus**01:27:42**AUS|Murphy Rankin01:56:33AUS
2|David Vernon01:35:37GBR|Krystal Neumann01:57:26AUS
3|Anthony Gordon01:42:49AUS|Meagan Brown02:00:30AUS
1|Joe Flannery01:44:40AUS|Kate Watson02:00:47AUS
2|Michael Lubke01:49:19AUS|Tina Kirwan02:13:48AUS
3|Adam Sanders01:55:26AUS|Anna Duffy02:15:12GBR

*New Course
**Course Record

The Dry Run 10km

|Zac Milligan**00:47:15**AUS|Michaela Mcdonald**00:55:50**AUS
|Dylan Cooper00:48:39AUS|Michelle Cooper00:56:00AUS
|Moby Preen00:50:48AUS|Annabel Grant01:05:31AUS
1|Zack Newsham00:47:51AUS|Alanna Dicks01:06:53AUS
2|Mac Leeson00:58:02AUS|Renee Robb01:11:56AUS
3|Krispin Hajkowicz01:01:36AUS|Heidi Sumpter01:12:47AUS

**Course Record

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The Guzzler Ultra held in Brisbane, Queensland is a Western States Qualifier
The Guzzler Ultra, Brisbane, Queensland is a Western States Qualifying Race
Six Foot Track Marathon Qualifier
(50km & 100KM)
Six Foot Track Marathon
UTMB Index Race
The Guzzler Brisbane is a UTMB Index Qualifier Race 100K
The Guzzler Brisbane is a UTMB Index Qualifier Race 50K
The Guzzler Brisbane is a UTMB Index Qualifier Race 20K
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As trail runners, we love our natural environment and believe that it is a space worth protecting, to ensure it is there for many future generations to enjoy.

One way we aim to take responsibility is by being a 1% For The Planet Business Member.

Those Guys Events acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands where we run, and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

The Guzzler is hosted by Those Guys Events. ABN: 88601 37205212