The Guzzler Ultra - Year 323rd—24th July 2022
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You are not required to submit a demonstration of any previous experience with trail and/or ultramarathon running in order to enter The Guzzler Ultra 10km, 21km, 50km & 100km races, however it is expected that all entrants into the 100km event will have completed at least one hilly, trail ultramarathon of 50km or longer before event day.

The Guzzler Ultra races are very tough and it is expected that you will have trained on terrain that is similar to that which you will experience during the event you are participating in to prepare for your race. You must ensure that, on race day, you are sufficiently fit and healthy to complete the Event within the official cut-off times.

How old do I have to be to participate?

Runners must be 18 years of age on event day to compete in the full Guzzler 100km and the Glass Half Full 50km. 

Runners from 16 years of age can enter the Big Sipper 21km and runners from 12 years of age can enter the Dry Run 10km.

All runners under 14 years of age must be directly supervised for the duration of the run by a parent or guardian who is entered into the same event.

Where can I find your rules and policies?

To ensure we all have good, clean, (dirty), fun, a list of Event Rules is available here.

Other policies such as the Conditions of Entry, Participant Waiver and Code of Conduct can be found on our Important Documents page here.

I’ve entered! What now?

Join The Guzzler Ultra’s training group on Facebook to get tips from seasoned Guzzlers and find new friends to train with. 

Plus, keep an eye on your email inbox as well as our Facebook and Instagram pages. We’ll keep in contact in the lead up to the event with important information to help your weekend run smoothly as well as some fun stuff to keep you motivated for the big day.

Please check your Spam, Junk Email or Promotions folders regularly to ensure you are not missing vital event communications. We normally send event emails from our mailing list account, as we’ve lots of people to email. If you’ve unsubscribed from our list you won’t receive any emailed information. You can sign up again using the form at the bottom of this page. 

What is the Mandatory Gear?

A full list of Mandatory Gear can be viewed here.

Event host, The Trail Co., is able to offer to assist with all items on this list.

Do I need to do a Mandatory Gear check?

You do not need to do a Mandatory Gear check prior to the event however you are required to carry all of your mandatory gear for the duration of your run. We will be conducting random gear checks and anyone found to be missing items will be required to replace them before continuing.

Failure to carry a complete set of mandatory gear may not only endanger your own safety but also breaks the race rules. Let’s keep it fair for all and have a great day out together. 

If you are unsure if any of your items meet the minimum standards, event host, The Trail Co., is able to offer advice and suggestions.


The Guzzler really is an event that will test you. All events cover single tracks & fire roads, some flat trails (not much) and some steep accents / descents. We strongly recommend wearing trail running shoes to protect your feet and to provide ample grip on the steep sections. 

Head to The Trail Co. if you would like help with shoe choice. 

How do I get a finisher’s prize?

Medals will be handed to you as you cross the line. If you’d like to get your hands on one of the bottles or cups available to finishers of the 21km, 50km or 100km events, these will be available for purchase from The Trail Co. tent at the event for $15.

How do I get my funky training shirt?

As of 7th June, every registered runner has been emailed instructions and a unique code to be able to order one (excl transfers). 

Check your inbox for an email titled “Order your Guzzler Training Shirt now”.

After this date, we’ll continue to email out codes in batches but it is a manual process and we’re getting busy with event prep so please be patient if you entered after 7th June and haven’t received a code yet.

Transferred runners

If you entered using a transfer code, you won’t received an email regarding event shirts directly from us. If the original runner hasn’t redeemed theirs yet, they can pass that discount code onto you. If they have already claimed the shirt, you are welcome to purchase a shirt of your own at for as long as they are available.

PLEASE NOTE: Sizes are limited so hop on as soon as you can to have the best chance of securing your preferred size.



While working through registration, you’ll need to provide personal details and answer a few questions such as:

  • Personal details: eg name, DOB, address etc
  • Nickname: as you’d like it to appear on your bib
  • Country of representation
  • Race day contact details: the phone we’ll be able to call you on during the event. 
  • Emergency contact details: must be someone who is not registered in either the 50km or 100km Event
  • Medical history: providing details about current or recent illnesses, hospital stays and other important information that may help medical professionals provide care to you in an emergency.
  • Agree to the Release Waiver and Conditions of Entry: these can be read here

You will be able to log back into your EventPlus profile and update some of these details if they change between the time of entry and the Event.

If you have entered another event that uses the EventPlus registration platform, you will already have an athlete profile associated with your email address, making registration even easier!


Yes, you can enter other runners while logged into your Eventplus profile. If you enter a separate email address for them, we’ll endeavor to use that as often as possible but please be aware that you may receive some emails on their behalf. 


Head HERE for all the details.

Can I get my bib shipped out to me?

Yes! You can book in your event bib to be shipped to you right now by adding bib shipping for $10 here.

This option is available until the cut-off date for checking your bib details are accurate. After this date, we’ll send the bibs off for printing.

When booking shipping please update your address so that we are sending it to the address you will be at in the two weeks prior to the event, we won’t be able to turn it around once it’s been mailed out. If you’ll have more than one address in that period, it may be best to choose the last address you’ll be at before event day.

If your bib is shipped out and doesn’t reach you in time, we’ll be able to find a spare for you. There’s a chance it may have another runner’s name on it, but you’ll be able to race.


In the unfortunate event that you need to withdraw from The Guzzler, you may be able to transfer your ticket to another runner or request a partial refund. Check out the full policy here.


Please head to the event schedule page for this years open and closed dates. 

Please note, pervious years events have sold out well prior to the scheduled ticket close date, some events have sold out the same day as tickets have opened for sale, so if you would like to enter please get in quickly to avoid disappointment.


No. All tickets for The Guzzler Ultra must be purchased prior to event day. Please check the Event Schedule for full details. 

I can’t remember if I’m entered into the event

There are two ways to find this out. You can check your email for a receipt (unless your SPAM filter got hold of us) or you can log back in to the event registration portal by clicking any of the MANAGE ENTRY or ENTER NOW buttons on this website to see which event you’ve signed up for.

If somebody else registered for you, and you can’t find your email, ask them to log in to their profile and check.

Hint: to log in you’ll need to remember which email address you used to register.

I want to update my personal or entry details

If you’ve moved house or you want to update any of your other details, you can do that by logging back into the entry portal. Hit “ENTER NOW” or “MANAGE ENTRY” anywhere on the website to log back in.

Once in the entry portal head to “Your Registration > Personal Details” to edit your personal info (eg new house), or “Registrations > Event Details” to edit your entry information (bib name, emergency contact etc). 

We don’t have any power to edit your personal details as you might have used these to enter someone else’s (not so cool) race. If you have any trouble editing these, please hit Help and the Eventplus team can give you a hand.

I haven’t received any emails from you

There are a few reasons that you might not have received our registration and/or communication emails. These are:

  1. Your friend registered you and only used their email address. Ask them to forward the emails.
  2. We’re hiding in your Spam or Promotions folder.
  3. You’ve unsubscribed from our list. Check you are subscribed here.

Bonus: You have a Hotmail address. We’ve noticed that an increased number of Hotmail users are reporting not receiving emails which we send from a range of different places (Eventplus, the mailing list and directly replying to transfers/enquiries etc). It’s not all Hotmail users so there may be a setting you can change. Otherwise, if you’re able to use a different account, that could help.

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