The Guzzler Ultra - Year 620th—21st July 2024

The Guzzler

Brisbane’s 100km trail ultra
The GUzzler Ultra 100km Ultra-marathon Brisbane
The Guzzler Ultra


20th—21st July 2024

Qualify for Western States 2025 at The Guzzler Ultra, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia



Course Description

Leaving from the heart of Brissie trails, Mt Coot-tha, The Guzzler Ultra 100km trail run takes you on an adventure like no other. We take you on tour of some of The Trail Co.’s favourite routes; to beautiful reservoirs, up challenging hills and along single track that will have you flying fast and free, like a kid on the first day of school holidays. You’ll need good training, a dash of humour and a pair of well prepared legs for this little run. Don’t be lulled by The Guzzler’s cheeky nature. She’ll test you!

The Guzzler is 99.9% trails, 100% FUN!

  • The Guzzler Ultra, 100km Ultramarathon
  • The Guzzler Ultra, 100km Ultramarathon
  • The Guzzler Ultra, 100km Ultramarathon
  • The Guzzler Ultra, 100km Ultramarathon
  • The Guzzler Ultra, 100km Ultramarathon
  • The Guzzler Ultra, 100km Ultramarathon

Entry Includes

  • Bright and funky technical training tee†

  • Vibrant start & finish event precinct

  • Challenging courses, exploring Brisbane’s beautiful reservoirs

  • Epic finisher medal and optional finishers’ prize*

  • Comprehensive, environmentally-friendly, course marking

  • Professional event timing with live feed for spectators and crew

  • Live GPS Tracking

  • Amazing volunteer support at each fully stocked checkpoint

  • Emergency medical support on-course

  • Drop bags transported to checkpoints

  • Comprehensive participant guide

  • Gear deals from The Trail Co.

  • *Finisher’s Prizes can be purchase from The Trail Co. online or at the finish line

  • † Event training T-shirts are available in limited numbers and sizes while stock lasts.
    Enter by 17th April 2024 to guarantee yourself a shirt.

The Guzzler Ultra Stats

The Guzzler Course Profile

Event Precinct

The Guzzler Event Precinct

100km Ultra Training Plans

Check out our free 16-week 100km ultra-marathon training plans. Whether you’re training for your first 100km ultra or are an experienced runner, our free training programs are here to help prepare you for The Guzzler Ultra, 100km.

Free 100km Ultra Training Plan

16wks / 5-6 days a week

Experienced 100km Ultra Training Plan

16wks / 5-6 days a week
Training Plans


Podium Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Male and Female in each race distance.

The 1st place Female and Male in The Guzzler Ultra will each receive $1000, free entry for The Guzzler 2023, a trophy and their name engraved on the perpetual trophy.

The 2nd and 3rd Female and Male will each receive a trophy, sponsor prizes and a gift voucher to The Trail Co.

All finishers will receive a finishers medal. A finishers bottle will be available for purchase from The Trail Co. for $15 if desired.

Western State Qualifier 

Australian Western States Qualifier

We are very proud that The Guzzler 100km trail race is an Australian qualifying race for The Western States 100 mile endurance run. All runners who complete the 100K in 24 hours or less will qualify to enter the lottery from which the field for the Western States will be chosen. You can find us listed as a qualifying race here.  the qualifying races are shown at 

Six Foot Track Marathon Qualifier 

Six Foot Track Marathon Qualifier

Both The Guzzler Ultra 100km and The Glass Half Full 50km have been designated as quaifying events for Six Foot Track Marathon.

You can check the Six Foot Track Marathon Qualification Criteria finishing times for each event.

UTMB® Index

Qualifier 100k

The Guzzler Ultra is a UTMB® World Series Qualifier Event. All runners who complete the course gain qualifier points for their UTMB® Index.

Runners with a valid UTMB® Index will have privileged access to register for a UTMB® World Series Event or UTMB® World Series Major and will use their UTMB® Index to validate their entry into the UTMB® World Series Finals lottery.

Check here for more information about qualifying for races in the Ultra Trail series.

Course Timing

The Guzzler starts at 6:30am on Saturday 20th July 2024. You’ll have 28hrs to complete The Guzzler, for those lucky enough to see two sunrises. This cut off should ensure that most runners are able to complete the distance, if you put in adequate training. We will also have checkpoint cut offs along the way so we can ensure your safety. See Checkpoints below for more details about these.

GPS Trackers

100km runners will have a personal GPS tracking device which will record their progress around the course so that supporters and crew can follow them with ease.

100km runners must collect their allocated GPS tracker from the race precinct prior to starting the event, and must return it after they have finished, before going home. Please note that runners or their crew MUST return the tracker to the race precinct before 10:30am Sunday, even if the runner withdraws from the event.


LocationDistanceCut-OffRunner's Food*Drop BagsCrew & Spectators
Start Crew & Spectators
Gap Creek Rd Crossing6kmWater Tap Only
CP1: Walkabout Creek18kmNA Water, FIXX, Fruit, chips, lollies, Coke Spectators Only
CP2: McAfees Lookout24kmNA Water, FIXX, fruit, chips, lollies, Coke, pastries 100km Crew with pass. Access by Event Bus Only
CP3: Gold Creek Reservoir32kmSaturday 3:30pmWater, FIXX, fruit, chips, lollies, Coke, bakery goods Not Permitted
Gold Creek Rd42km Water only Not Permitted
CP4: Lake Manchester57kmSaturday 10:00pm Water, FIXX, fruit, chips, lollies, Coke, bakery goods, hot noodles, tea/coffee Crew & Spectators
Lightline Rd Bush Camp70km Water, some hot drinks and food after dark Not Permitted
CP5: McAfees Lookout84kmSunday 5:30am Water, FIXX, fruit, chips, lollies, Coke, bakery goods, hot noodles, tea/coffee By Event Bus Only
South Boundary Rd, Mt. Coot-tha turning96kmWater only
Gap Creek Rd Crossing98kmWater tap only
FinishSunday 10:30am Water, Fixx Nutrition, fruit, chips, lollies, Coke, bakery goods, hot noodles, tea/coffee Crew & Spectators

Optional drop bags taken to checkpoints 3, 4 & 5. Crew permitted at checkpoints 3 & 4. Checkpoint 2 / 5 is unsuitable for crew as parking is used for volunteers only. 

There will also be smaller ‘aid stations’ at Gold Creek Rd (40.7km) and Lightline Bush Camp (68.2km) with more basic supplies and assistance.

Checkpoint food is provided for event runners only. Crew and spectators should bring their own provisions for their day.


The races within the race.
Hell Hole Hustle

We have thrown down one ripper challenge for you all: the ‘Hell Hole Hustle’. The fastest guy and gal to make it through Hell Hole will each win everlasting fame and fortune as well as an awesome prize pack*.

The Hell Hole Hustle will present you with a quandry. Do you go all out through this section to chase the crown.. or do you pace yourself and chase overall Guzzler glory? 

And as though the bragging rights weren’t enough, we have put a prize pack on the line – one each for the Hustle King & Queen!

The Hustle stats:

  • Starts: Exit of McAfees Lookout Checkpoint
  • Ends: End of Hell Hole Break (exit onto South Boundary Rd).
  • Distance: 3.3km
  • Descent: 243m
  • Ascent: 176m

Check out the Strava segment and KOM below.

*Fame and fortune not guaranteed.

*Please note: the Strava segment has been made slightly shorter than the event day Hustle. This was done to allow everyone to compare their times during training without worrying abut GPS inaccuracy. Event day results will be tracked via live timing mats at the start and finish of the race segment.

  1. There will be two winners. ONE female GRITtiest girl and ONE male GRITtiest guy.
  2. Winners will be the fastest person of their gender to complete the timed Hell Hole Hustle (HHH) section of The Guzzler / The Glass Half Full, as determined by our electronic race timing system, or manual timing backup in accordance with the race gun time. Placement of the electronic timing mats will be fixed throughout the duration of the race to create a fair and comparable HHH split time.
  3. One winner per gender will be determined from all runners across the Guzzler AND Glass Half Full. For example the fastest runner in The Guzzler may later be beaten by a faster runner in The Glass Half Full, if their HHH split time is shorter.
  4. To qualify to win the HHH, the racer MUST complete the whole of their registered event, within the designated race cut-off times, as per the race rules. If the fastest HHH racer later withdraws or is disqualified for any reason, the HHH title will roll down to the next eligible competitor.
  5. The HHH winner does not need to be the overall race winner of their registered event.
  6. Play nicely! Any pushing, jostling, obstructing of members of the public or other anti-social behaviour may see you disqualified from the HHH or potentially the whole event.
  7. While live tracking of the HHH will be available, we reserve the right to adjust the segment times of runners if required due to calibration or any other error of the live timing system.

Mandatory Gear

While we hope you have nothing but fun on The Guzzler course, sometimes things go wrong. The mandatory gear that every runner must carry will help reduce the risk of anything happening or, if it does, will improve your chances of a smooth rescue and recovery.

Please note, mandatory gear is gear you MUST carry. For you comfort, please consider the weather conditions on race day and carry whatever gear you feel you need to keep you happy through the event. 

Click on each item if you’d like more details and feel free to contact us at The Trail Co. if you’d like more guidance.

Required in some situations

Capacity to carry 2litres water

This may be in the form of a reservoir, soft flasks, bottles or any combination of these.

You don’t need to have 2L of water in there at all times (after all – you should be drinking it!) but do need to be able to carry that much to ensure you can safely complete the distance between each checkpoint.

Recommended Flasks and Reservoirs

Race Bib

Will be supplied at registration. Bibs must be visible on your front at all times for the timing chip to work and for your safety.

Bibs will include your timing chip, your name (for early entries), and a unique number.

Recommended: Race Number Belt

Mobile Phone
Every runner must carry a working mobile phone. Please ensure it is fully charged before starting the Event and that emergency and event phone numbers are saved and easily accessible.

For international guests, you may need to purchase an Australian SIM to use during the event or may be able to access an Australian network using roaming.

In case we need to contact you while you are out on course, please log back in to the registration platform prior to race day and ensure the number of the phone you intend to carry is up to date in the Event Contact Details section.
aLOKSAK waterproof phone case
Waterproof Bags

Dry Sacks will keep your gear protected from rain and sweat, protecting it from damage and ensuring it will be dry if you need to put any of it on.

You can use one large sack or several small ones. Zip lock bags are acceptable if they are in good condition and can be fully sealed.


4l Dry Bag | aLOKSAK waterproof phone case

Hi-Vis Vest

This must be used by participants at all road crossings after dark.

The vest must be worn over the top of all clothing and packs with your race bib worn over the top of the High-Vis vest.

Vests must display Class “D/N” on the tag as well as one of the following:

  • AS/NZS 4602:1999
  • AS/NZS 4602:2010
  • AS/NZS 4602.1:2011

The Trail Co. High-Vis Vest


All runners carry a headlight, regardless as to whether you think you’ll be running in the dark. If you become lost, ill or injured, you may be out there much longer than intended.

A minimum brightness of 300 lumens is recommended in order to run on dark trails. Don’t forget a spare battery too!

Recommended Headlights

Backup Light

A small backup light must be carried to allow runners to continue walking to safety, should their main light fail.

Recommended Headlights

Compression Bandage
Compression bandages will be useful in the event of a snake bite or sprain, if applied correctly. It is advisable that you learn how to use a compression bandage, and other basic first aid, before beginning the event.

As a minimum, the compression bandage must a heavy-weight, crepe bandage that is 7.5cm wide x 2.3m long (when unstretched).
Conforming Heavyweight Crepe Bandage
Emergency Whistle
An emergency survival whistle will allow you to make yourself more audible to rescuers than simply yelling can achieve.

It must not use a ‘pea’ to create a sound as these can become sticky causing the whistle to fail – that means no sports whistles.

Many running packs include a whistle and The Trail Co. also sells some small, inexpensive whistles that can be attached to your pack.
Emergency Blanket
If you become too injured or ill to continue, an emergency blanket will prevent hypothermia while waiting for rescuers.

Emergency Blankets
Course Map

All runners must carry the course map loaded in the Maps.Me application on you mobile device. allows you to find your location in relation to your current position even if no cell reception is available.

Please test this application and the map well in advance of the event weekend.

Here is our guide on how to use There is also an iphone and Android guide to importing the map (bookmarks) here

Get Course Maps

Thermal Top

This must be a long-sleeved, thermal base layer made of polypropylene or wool which will keep the participant warm in addition to their race clothing.

Cotton, Coolmax, lycra, compression garments and thermal compression garments are NOT suitable to be used as the ‘Thermal Top’.

Recommended Thermal Gear

Waterproof Jacket

A good-quality waterproof jacket will keep you dry while allowing sweat to escape. It can also be useful for added warmth or protection from the wind.

At a minimum, the jacket must fit you and be fully seam-sealed, waterproof, and not include any large mesh vents, even if covered by flaps. Minimal underarm vents are allowed.

Recommended Waterproof Jackets and Fleeces

Spare Food Portion

An extra portion of food (eg gel, bar, sandwich), must be carried at all times in addition to the fuel you intend to use if all goes to plan.

This extra portion may prove vital if you are ill or injured and find yourself taking longer to reach the next checkpoint than expected, or if you are waiting some time for aid to reach you.

Soft Cup

All checkpoints are cup-free so if you’d like to have some soft drink, you may want to bring a cup along instead of using your water flasks.

Recommended Soft Cups


Always recommended. Sunburn is nobody’s idea of a good time!

Cap / SunSafe Hat

Slip, slop, slap!

Waterproof Pants

If heavy rain is predicted, runners will need to carry Waterproof Pants. We will inform you the afternoon before Event day, via email, if these become a mandatory item.

This item must be waterproof but does not required taped seams or breathability.

Recommended Waterproof and Thermal Pants


If temperatures are expected to reach less than 5 degrees overnight, runners will need to carry a Fleece. We will inform you the afternoon before Event day, via email, if these become a mandatory item.

Fleece jackets or jumpers must be 100-weight or equivalent.

Recommended Waterproof Jackets and Fleeces

GPS Track Data & Maps

Our interactive courses are best viewed in full screen. Click the following links to open the course in a new window. 

Wondering about how we mapped the course? Find out more here Phone App

All runners must carry the course map loaded in the Maps.Me application on you mobile device. allows you to find your location in relation to your current position even if no cell reception is available.

Please test this application and the map well in advance of the event weekend.

To follow the 100km course, after installing on your mobile phone, please download this .kml file and select “open with” or “share to” application. 

The following video is our guide on how to use to navigate the course and share your location.

If you are an iphone or Android user looking for specific instructions on importing a map (bookmarks) follow this help file here. Some iPhone users have found they need to restart their phone after installing the app before routes will appear. 

Rules & Docs

You can download copies of all of the important documents below. Your registration for any of the events will be taken as understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions in each of the documents.

Conditions of Entry
Code of Conduct
Release Waiver
2024 Participant Guide
2024 Spectator & Crew Guide
2023 Provisional Guide
Spectator's Guide

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The Guzzler Ultra held in Brisbane, Queensland is a Western States Qualifier
The Guzzler Ultra, Brisbane, Queensland is a Western States Qualifying Race
Six Foot Track Marathon Qualifier
(50km & 100KM)
Six Foot Track Marathon
UTMB Index Race
The Guzzler Brisbane is a UTMB Index Qualifier Race 100K
The Guzzler Brisbane is a UTMB Index Qualifier Race 50K
The Guzzler Brisbane is a UTMB Index Qualifier Race 20K
The Guzzler Ultra Trail Race is proud to be a 1% For The Planet Member

As trail runners, we love our natural environment and believe that it is a space worth protecting, to ensure it is there for many future generations to enjoy.

One way we aim to take responsibility is by being a 1% For The Planet Business Member.

Those Guys Events acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands where we run, and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

The Guzzler is hosted by Those Guys Events. ABN: 88601 37205212