The Guzzler Ultra - Year 324th—25th July 2021


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We love that you’ve taken the plunge and jumped in for The Guzzler experience. From first timers to experienced trail warriors, we’ve got two awesome courses in store for you to race – or survive. So, how are you going to make sure race day is as enjoyable as possible?

If you live locally, you could join us during the week for group training, jump onto one of our fantastic weekend training retreats or step onto the course and explore for yourself. 

We’ve compiled a handy guide to training on the course with interactive Strava maps of suggested training loops. Check these out below.

Are you training on course?

Training loops

You can find some of our ‘on course’ training suggestions below. Please note, these have not been created using GPS data and so, may contain some inaccuracies. When training, please take all necessary precautions, make sure you have enough supplies to keep yourself fueled and hydrated during the run and carry the necessary items to manage injuries. The Guzzler visits some remote locations where, if you’re injured, it can take a very long time for emergency services to come to your aid. This is also hampered by a lack of reception over parts of the course. Take care whilst training, train with a friend and always let people know where you are going when you head out. We want you all on that start line in July!

Training Loop Ideas
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