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Check out the event schedule below to see what you need to have done when to be part of The Guzzler Ultra, the Ultra Trail event of Brisbane you just can't miss out on. 

Getting Prepared

Before Event Day

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30th April- Confirm Shirt Sizing

The 30th April is the last date to guarantee your shirt size*. Check and confirm which size you have selected by logging back in to your registration account via the Enter Now page.

Check out our shirt sizing charts on this page

Why so early? We're going to get your shirts to you early so you can train in them and spot your fellow Guzzlers out on the trail. 


We're very excited about The Guzzler threads. We love a surprise and so, rather than doubling the elevation of your run without telling you, we thought we'd keep the shirt design under wraps until they arrive.

We can tell you our shirts are male / female specific, with all the great features you've come to love from The Trail Co's line of training shirts. 

*If you are entering after 30th April please select your size during registration and we'll assign the remaining shirts on a first come, first served basis. There may be limited opportunity to swap sizes but we can't guarantee availability.

TBC - Second Round Entries

Did you miss out on a ticket to race? There are several ways you can still snag yourself a spot.

  1. Join the Wait List for The Guzzler 100 or the Glass Half Full 50 to be offered places as they become available.
  2. Pick up a transfer from someone who can no longer run.
  3. Be ready for a second round of entries to be opened for The Big Sipper.

We have a limited number of entries across all three events so we'll check where numbers are at and will redistribute any that are still available at the beginning of Mar. This, coupled with any withdrawals we receive should allow us to offer some extra spaces in the Big Sipper as a result. They won't last long though so make sure to put this one in the calendar and sign up to our mailing list for a reminder email here.

16th Oct - Confirm Bib Name & details

By the 16th Oct, we need you to have logged back in to your registration account via the Enter Now page, to confirm your important details are correct.

Please confirm your bib nickname, emergency contact details and medical summary are complete and correct.

If you've entered before this date, we'll print your name / nickname on the front on your bib (max 12 characters). On the back, we'll also print your emergency details, in case you become incapacitated, so it is very important that these are accurate.

If you enter after this date, your bib will not be personalised and there will be space on the back of your bib to write in your emergency details. If you transfer an entry after this date, we will do our best to supply you with a blank bib, otherwise you may have to cross out and replace some details.

30th Oct - Entries & Transfers Close


If you want to run, you'll need to get your entry in by the 30th Oct. If tickets haven't sold out prior, this is the very last day to enter. Please note, if entering after the 16th Oct you won't get a personalised bib.

If you find yourself pining for a ticket after this date, there really is nothing we can do for you. Sorry to say, you'll have to watch on the sidelines but that might be fun.. in its own way. Our advice though, don't get FOMO - ENTER NOW!


This is also the last day we will be able to transfer tickets from one participant to another. 

To make sure this gets processed before the cut off, please follow the instructions here as early as possible as there are a few steps involved in performing transfers. 

29th Oct to 6th Nov - Compulsory Competitor Briefing

To ensure all participants know what's happening when, how to navigate around the course and what the expect when you're out there, please read the participant documents. You MUST read the participant guide before collecting your bib. This will be supplemented with a short pre-race briefing before the start of each event but the bulk of the detail is in the participant guide.

You can find the participant guide on our Important Documents page.  You shouldn't be able to miss it but remember, we NEED you to check this out. We know none of you will be coming to us on race day with a question that we have answered in the participant guide ;)  

31st Oct to 6th Nov - Bib Collection

You'll need to collect your race bib BEFORE race day. There will be no race-day bib collection.

Bibs will be available for collection from The Trail Co. in Bardon (a short drive from the start/finish precinct and THE Brisbane shop for everything ultra trail) for the week leading up to the event. 

When collecting your bib, you will be asked to sign a form to confirm that you have watched / read the mandatory Compulsory Competitor Briefing and understand its contents.

If you have not yet collected your event shirt, you will also be supplied with this at bib collection.

In addition to in-store pickup we also offered express postage for race bibs at registration. If you opted for this option you will need to make sure you are at the selected delivery address to receive delivery. You MUST have a race number to compete in The Guzzler. 


Until 6th Nov - OPTIONAL Gear Checks

Okay, lets start with these points:

  1. Carrying all mandatory gear on race day is NOT OPTIONAL
  2. Gear checks prior to event ARE OPTIONAL
  3. EVERYONE will be asked to produce at least one random piece of gear, somewhere around the course. If you don't have the required piece of gear, or the item you do have fails to meet the minimum requirements, you will NOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE until you have somehow acquired that piece of gear. Don't ruin your race for small weight savings - everyone is in the same boat so it's an even playing field.

We don't require you to visit The Trail Co. to do a gear check (but we'd love to see you any time you want to say hi). Of course, if you're unsure if your gear will meet requirements, The Trail Co. team are more than happy to check your gear and offer tips. If you can't make it into The Trail Co.m we may be able to check your gear with lots of great pictures, but we can't guarantee this.

As a guide, if you know your gear meets Ultra-Trail Australia's standards, it should be good for The Guzzler too. While our list is different to theirs, we ask that each individual piece of gear lives up to the same requirements as the UTA.

Weather-dependent gear

You may have noted, some gear will only be mandatory in certain predicted race day conditions. We'll send an email midday 24th July confirming if you will or will not need this gear. We recognise that this will be too late to go out and by any extra items needed so please have these ready in reserve. Why can't we commit now? We think you would rather run with the lightest pack possible and want to keep you safe. And, have you ever tried pinning a weatherman down to a prediction? 

See full Mandatory Gear list here.

The main event

Race Weekend




SATURDAY 7th Nov 2020


Parking Opens

Freers Paddock


Pre-Race Briefing: 100km

Event Precinct:

Simpsons Falls picnic area


100km Race Start


Pre-Race Briefing: 50km


50km Race Start

From 11:00am

50km Race Finish (expected)

From 3pm

100km Race Finish (expected)


50km Race Cut-off

SUNDAY 8th Nov 2020


21km Race Start


Freers Paddock





21km Race Start (Final Wave)

Centre Rd




Event Precinct:

Simpsons Falls picnic area


100km & 21km Race Cut-off


Event Precinct:

Simpsons Falls picnic area

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