Refunds & Transfers

Sorry to hear you can't do The Guzzler now

What are your options?

If you can no longer participate in the Event for any reason, you may be able to transfer your ticket or request a partial refund.

Please select the menu corresponding to the request you are making.

Transfer to another person

Entries can be transferred to a new participant up until TBC. You'll need to find the person who will take your place and arrange directly with them regarding any agreed payments of money, gifts, bribes or favours.


  1. The original runner will complete the form below and we'll issue them with a discount code to pass onto the new runner. This is processed manually and will be emailed to you once created.
  2. The new runner will enter the event as per the normal process but by applying the discount code, their entry will be discounted to $35 and they'll be able to enter even if we're sold out.
  3. The transfer is only final once the new runner has entered and paid the $35. This must be completed before TBC for the new runner to be included on the start list.  

Please note:

  • Ticket transfers are arranged between the two private parties and The Guzzler Ultra cannot be held responsible for the successful completion of that sale or exchange. To minimise the chance of fraud, we recommend that any exchange of money is completed after the new runner has entered. We can always withdraw a disputed entry if required, but we can't retrieve money that's been paid to random internet scammers. 
  • The original runner will need to forward any participant information emails already received to the new runner. All information will also be available for them to view on our website.
  • Personalised race bibs may be able to be updated until TBC but will not be possible after this time. The new runner will receive their preferred shirt size if one is still available at the time they enter. If not, we'll try to match you to the closest alternative.

Transfers will be processed on Thurs or Fri of each week so we will be in contact with you soon.

To request a transfer of entry to another person, please complete the form below.

I have not collected my event t-shirt (we will try to give transferee their requested shirt size)I have collected my t-shirt (the transferee will not receive a t-shirt from The Guzzler)

I understand that by submitting this form, my entry will be withdrawn.

Transfer between events

If there are spaces available in another event, you may move between the events until TBC. If you’re moving to a longer event, you’ll be charged the additional entry fee, which will need to be paid promptly to finalise your entry. We’ll notify you when we’ve made the change and it’s ready to pay. If transferring to a shorter event, there’ll be no credit for the lesser amount.

From 100km to 50km raceFrom 50km to 100km raceFrom 21km Race to 50km raceFrom 21km race to 100km raceOther

I acknowledge that I will be transferred to a longer event and will need to pay the difference in ticket price before 30th Oct to finalise the transfer. If this is a transferred ticket, the registration paid by the original purchaser will be considered.
I acknowledge that I will be transferred to a shorter event and will not receive a partial refund for any difference in entry fee.

Due to logistical and permit constraints, we're unable to transfer anyone extra into the 21km Big Sipper event.

Request a Refund

If you aren’t able to find someone to take your ticket, a refund may be available to you as per the details below:

  • Until 29th Feb: $40 admin fee
  • From 1 Mar to 1 Aug: 50% refund 
  • 1 Aug to 9th Oct: 25% refund
  • From 9th Oct: no refund available

This applies to entry costs only. Additional purchases such as gear may not be refundable. To request a refund, please complete the form below.

Refunds are no longer available.


Please see our full COVID-19 policy

Event rescheduled from July 2020

All July 2020 entries have now been deferred to 2021, received a refund or been held over for the new Nov 2020 event date. Anyone who failed to complete the form during March and April has had their entry kept for Nov 2020.

Our normal Transfer and Refund policy now applies to all entries, excluding the special COVID-19 circumstances.


In the event that the Organiser deems conditions unsafe, for any reason (including, but not limited to, fire danger, heavy rains, lightning or high winds), all attempts will be made to find an alternative, potentially shortened, route. This may occur before the Event begins or during the Event if safety is considered a concern.

Should a suitable alternative route not be found, the Organiser will attempt to reschedule the Event. As a last resort, cancellation may be required. In any of these scenarios, refunds may not be possible, although the Organiser will do all that they can to provide alternative options and to offer partial refunds if possible.


Deferrals to a future year are no longer available. Preparations for an event of this size kick off many months beforehand and by this late stage, we've already committed significant resources towards your entry into this year's event. We're very aware that it's been a tough year for many so please understand that we're not trying to be difficult. We just genuinely can't afford it. 

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