Refunds & Transfers

Sorry to hear you can't do The Guzzler now

What are your options?

If you can no longer participate in the Event for any reason, you may be able to transfer your ticket or request a partial refund.

Transfer to another person

Entries can be transferred to a new participant up until Fri 17th July 2020. You'll need to find the person who will take your place and arrange directly with them regarding any agreed payments of money, gifts, bribes or favours. Fill in the form below to receive a discount code that you'll need to pass onto the new runner. They'll use this to discount their entry cost down to just the $35 transfer fee.  

Please note:

  • You will need to forward any participant information emails you have already received to the person purchasing your ticket. All information will also be available for them to view on our website.
  • Personalised race bibs may be able to be updated until Friday 3rd July but will not be possible after this time. Event t-shirts are pre-ordered and will not be able to be updated. There may be some limited opportunity to make exchanges but there is no guarantee of this.

To request a transfer of entry to another person, please complete the form below.

I have not collected my event t-shirt (we will try to give transferee their requested singlet size)I have collected my t-shirt (the transferee will not receive a t-shirt from The Guzzler)

I understand that by submitting this form, my entry will be withdrawn.

Transfer between events

If there are places available, you may transfer between the three distance options up until Fri 17th July. If you are transferring downwards in distance, there is no refund for the difference in fees. If you are increasing your distance, you must pay the difference in entry fees applicable at that time.

To make a transfer, log back into your account, go to your Registrations and click on Change Category.

Request a Refund

If you aren’t able to find someone to take your ticket, a refund may be available to you as per the details below:

  • Until 29th Feb: $40 admin fee
  • From 1 Mar to 1 Jun: 50% refund 
  • 1 May to 30 Jun: 25% refund
  • From 1 Jul: no refund available

This applies to entry costs only. Additional purchases such as gear may not be refundable. To request a refund, please complete the form below.

I wish to withdraw from the event now.
The bank card I used at registration is still active.
I acknowledge that the amount of my refund at today's date will be in accordance with the amounts listed above.

In the event that the Organiser deems conditions unsafe, for any reason (including, but not limited to, fire danger, heavy rains, lightning or high winds), all attempts will be made to find an alternative, potentially shortened, route. This may occur before the Event begins or during the Event if safety is considered a concern.

Should a suitable alternative route not be found, the Organiser will attempt to reschedule the Event. As a last resort, cancellation may be required. In any of these scenarios, refunds may not be possible, although the Organiser will do all that they can to provide alternative options and to offer partial refunds if possible.

COVID-19: To allow you to enter our event with confidence, if The Guzzler 2020 Nov 7-8th event needs to be cancelled or postponed by the event organisers  due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we will offer all participants their choice of a deferred entry to our 2021 event or a full refund.