The Guzzler Ultra - Year 323rd—24th July 2022

Refunds & Transfers

Refund & Transfer Options

If you can no longer participate in the Event for any reason, you may be able to transfer your ticket or request a partial refund.

All options available to you, and the instructions for each, are described in the menu below. 

Transfer to another person

Entries can be transferred to a new participant up until 15th July 2022. You’ll need to find the person who will be taking your place and arrange directly with them regarding any agreed payments of money, gifts, bribes or favours. 


  1. The original runner will complete the form below and we’ll issue you with a discount code to pass onto the new runner. This is processed manually and will be emailed to you once created.
  2. The new runner will enter the event as per the normal process but by applying the discount code, their entry will be discounted to $35 and they’ll be able to enter even if we’re sold out.
  3. The transfer is only final once the new runner has entered and paid the $35. This must be completed before 15th July 2022 for the new runner to be included on the start list.  

Important notes:

  • Transfers are arranged between the two private parties and The Guzzler Ultra cannot be held responsible for the successful completion of that sale or exchange. To minimise the chance of fraud, we strongly recommend that any exchange of money is completed after the new runner has entered
  • Once completed, transferred entries are no longer eligible for further refunds of any kind but can transferred, or issued as event credit up to the value of the original entry, as per the policies below.
  • Personalised race bibs may be able to be updated until 3rd July 2022 but will not be possible after this time.
  • The new runner will only receive an event shirt if the original runner has not been sent one yet and the new runner’s preferred size is still available.

    I understand that by submitting this form, my entry will be withdrawn.


    Transfer between events

    If there are spaces available in another event, you may move between the events until 15th July 2022. If you’re moving to a longer event, you’ll be charged the additional entry fee applicable at the time of your change. This will need to be paid promptly to finalise your entry. We’ll notify you when we’ve made the change and it’s ready to pay. If transferring to a shorter event, there’ll be no credit for the lesser amount.

      From 100km to 50kmFrom 100km to 21kmFrom 100km to 10kmFrom 50km to 100kmFrom 50km to 21kmFrom 50km to 10kmFrom 21km to 100kmFrom 21km to 50kmFrom 21km to 10kmFrom 10km to 100kmFrom 10km to 50kmFrom 10km to 21km

      I acknowledge that I will be transferred to a longer event and will need to pay the difference in ticket price before 15th July 2022 to finalise the transfer. If this is a transferred ticket, the registration paid by the original purchaser will be considered.
      I acknowledge that I will be transferred to a shorter event and will not receive a partial refund for any difference in entry fee.
      Request a Refund

      If you aren’t able to find someone to take your ticket, a refund may be available to you as per the details below:

      • Until 28th Feb: $40 admin fee
      • From 1st Mar to 17th April: 50% refund 
      • 18th April to 24th June: 25% refund
      • From 25th June: no refund available

      This applies to entry costs only. Additional purchases such as gear may not be refundable. To request a refund, please complete the form below.

      Note: Refunds are available for direct entries only. If you’ve entered using a transfer code or event credit, you’re still entitled to transfer your entry to another runner or a different distance.

      The date for refunds has now passed and are no longer being accepted. Transfers are still available in accordance to the terms above.


      There are two instances where you may be entitled to special dispensation under our COVID-19 Policy: if domestic border closures prevent you from entering Queensland without quarantining, or if you are required to self-isolate.

      If you’re eligible, you’ll be issued with a discount code equal to the value of your registration and any pre-paid merchandise not yet received, minus a 20% admin fee. This will be valid for 2 years and can be passed onto someone else but cannot be taken in cash, product or a future refund.

      Border Closures

      • The status of any closures will be based the information available one week prior to event day.
      • Satisfactory proof of residential address will be required such as a valid driver’s licence and utility bill.
      • Please complete the form below before the start of the race.

      Potential exposure to COVID-19

      • If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, or experience COVID-like symptoms on or a few days before our event date, we understand and appreciate you not turning up.
      • This also applies if you have been asked to self-isolate due to potential exposure to an active case.
      • You must be able to demonstrate that this is the legitimate reason for your last-minute withdrawal, eg with a dated COVID test and/or results. Please complete the form below before the start of the race.

      Vaccination Status

      The government rules for vaccination status and outdoor events are currently unclear. While outdoor events without dancing have typically fallen into the very low risk category, at this stage we can’t say for certain whether or not you’ll need to be vaccinated in order to attend.

      • We sympathise with the uncertainty this may present for some runners. If this concerns you, you may wish to enter closer to the event, when the government regulation around outdoor events becomes clearer.
      • We can’t offer dispensations for participants who are unable to attend due to their vaccination status, as this is a measure only the participant can control and one that is known to them at the time of entry.

      Fair-Go Policy

      Throughout the pandemic, we have aimed to keep our COVID-19 postponement/cancellation options transparent and generous. The above commitments have come at a significant risk and cost to us as the organisers however, we want to do the right thing by our runners and to give you every reason to feel confident registering for our events.

      In return, we ask you to please consider our very small, family business before bending the rules or asking for additional allowances. Just as we’ve taken on the huge risk of a full cancellation, all participants who enter any running event will always bear some risk of having to change your individual plans. You may want to consider using Booking Protect at the time of registration if you’d like to have extra refund options available to you.

      We know most of you are total legends and would always do the right thing, however any entrants seen to be taking advantage of these exemptions, may be asked to refrain from entering future events run by Those Guys Events.

        I wish to withdraw from the event now.
        I understand that if eligible, I'll receive a discount code equal to the value of my entry minus 20%
        *Please note: discount codes are created manually so you may receive it after we wrap up the 2022 event.


        Deferrals to a future year are not available as preparations for an event of this size kick off many months beforehand and are heavily shaped by participant numbers.


        In the event that the Organiser, health authority or a land owner deems conditions unsafe, for any reason (including, but not limited to, COVID-19, fire danger, heavy rains, lightning or high winds), all attempts will be made to adapt to the changed conditions, whether through course changes, additional start waves or otherwise. Runners are not entitled to full or partial refunds as a result of these changes.

        If it won’t be viable for the event to continue on the planned dates, we’ll attempt to reschedule the Event. As a last resort, cancellation may be required.

        If the event is postponed or cancelled, you’ll be offered a choice to move your entry straight to the new date, to accept event credit to the value of your entry, or to accept a refund minus a 20% admin fee. Refunds are only available on direct entries. If you’ve entered using a transfer code or existing event credit, you’re still entitled to transfers or new event credit.

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