The Guzzler Ultra - Year 620th—21st July 2024

The Guzzler Ultra

The Journey

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We’d like to acknowledge the Jinibara and Turrbal people as the traditional custodians of the lands on which we run. We pay respect to elders past, present and emerging and humbly commit to continue our fledgling education about the expansive history of these lands.

The Story

The Guzzler Ultra is designed to take runners on a journey – across country and through time.

The Guzzler course connects Brisbane’s history-rich reservoirs in the order that they were built. Enoggera Reservoir, Gold Creek Reservoir and Lake Manchester began life as creeks on the lands of the Turrbal people. From 1864, Enoggera Reservoir was created, followed by Gold Creek Reservoir in 1882 and Lake Manchester in 1912, all to supply the growing Brisbane city with water for her residents.

Today, these three reservoirs act as landmarks in Brisbane’s beautiful, green backyard where residents and visitors can connect with nature, explore an extensive network of trails and enjoy a range of water sports.

The race itself starts just 6kms west of Brisbane’s CBD, in the popular green heart of Mount Coot-tha, and navigates around Enoggera Reservoir, Gold Creek Reservoir, and Lake Manchester. From this easy access point, runners are guided along beautiful trails, deep into serenity of D’Aguilar National Park, before being returned to the Mt Coot-tha, where the finish line party awaits.

All four of The Guzzler Ultra courses – 10km, 21km, 50km, and 100km – run almost completely off-road; a fitting testament to the incredibly rich and accessible trails that Brisbane’s D’Aguilar National Park and Mt. Coot-tha Forest Park have on offer.

Join us to experience The Guzzler Ultra, a trail run you’ll never forget.

The Course

As Brisbane locals, with many years of exploring and running around South East Queensland, our courses benefit from the experience of real local trail knowledge. Each race distance focuses on linking runners with Brisbane’s historic reservoirs*, taking you on a journey over some of the most beautiful, and challenging trails on offer, as you wind your way around historic sites and the special places that make The Guzzler Ultra, and Brisbane, unique.

Our events are fully supported by Brisbane’s incredible local trail running community, who host our aid stations and check points. They’ll offer far more than water and nutrition along the way as they share their energy and cheer you along! And to finish, our race precinct atmosphere is the place to soak up the memorable and rewarding experience that The Guzzler Ultra has to offer.

*Our 10km Dry Run course is based on Mt. Coot-tha, where the closest you’ll get to a body of water is the big tank at the base Reservoir Track!

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Special Places Along The Way

Hell Hole

Hell Hole

After visiting the McAfees Lookout Check Point, 50km and 100km runners will experience Hell Hole Break and a chance to rank in the The Hell Hole Hustle time trial segment.

In fact, 100km runners will run through Hell (Hole) twice!

Despite the grimacing name, this ~3km long fire break descends quickly down to a beautiful creek crossing before challenging runners to a short scramble up a steep slope, becoming a grinding climb up to South Boundary Road.

The Hell Hole Hustle segment starts as soon as runners leave the McAfees Lookout Check Point, and finishes at the end of Hell Hole Break as runners exit onto South Boundary Rd. If bragging rights weren’t enough, The Guzzler Ultra has a prize for the fastest runners through the segment on race day – one each for the Hustle King & Queen!

The Guzzler Ultra Reservoirs:

Enoggera Reservoir

Enoggera Reservoir

Brisbane’s heritage-listed Enoggera Reservoir was completed in 1866.

In its heyday, this aquatic playground – now popular with swimmers and water craft users – supplied water to local residents. While the reservoir has now been decommissioned as a water supply, it’s still relied upon to store clean water in the event of drought.

Enoggera Dam itself was one of the first major dams ever built in Australia. Despite reconstruction changes over the years, the dam structure itself remained in near original form until 1977 when major modifications were made. Today it remains the only reservoir in Queensland still in its original structure, within the renovations.

The surrounding national park is home to abundant wildlife, and of course, an extensive trail network.

Leland’s Corner

Leland's Corner

Our 42km aid station is placed at a lesser-known memorial, for fabled local runner Leland Pasion.

Back in 2017, as first time ultra-runner, Leland went out for a casual double-Pinnacles run. For those who don’t know, Pinnacles is a roughly 18km loop of Gold Creek Reservoir that provide a solid, hilly challenge.

Armed with 5 gels and enough water for his planned 4–5hr run, he was ready for a great day. Unfortunately for Leland, rather than taking Gold Creek Boundary Rd (where you come from on The Guzzler) he took Gold Creek Rd (where you’ll be going) and instantly it became a much longer run out towards Lake Manchester.

Luckily for him, two fellow trail runners found him, fed him, and ensured he got safely home, 9hrs and 12mins later.

Every time we pass this place, we pause to remember this hilarious but unfortunate mistake that led to the creation of Leland’s Corner.

Gold Creek Reservoir

Enoggera Reservoir

Built between 1882 and 1885, as Brisbane continued to grow, the Gold Creek dam was designed to increase the water supply availability, originally supplying water directly to the city.

In 1928, Gold Creek reservoir was connected to Enoggera Reservoir via a tunnel beneath the South Boundary Road trail ridge line that separates the two basins and the Gold Creek dam acted as an upper reservoir for the Enoggera reservoir.

Nowadays the Gold Creek reservoir still collects and stores water from its 10.5km2 catchment but the pipeline was decommissioned in 1991.

The reservoir is circled by 5km of gorgeous single track, perfect for a short family adventure or a fun little bush escape during an ultra trail run.

The dam’s 187m long wall and 26m high embankment encloses the reservoir and is a feature of both the 50km and 100km courses.

Kokoda Track

Kokoda Track

This hill is the sting in the tail for all our Guzzler runners.

Coming up from Gap Creek, runners will experience a gentle rolling rise before turning left onto the infamous Kokoda track. While only 1km long, it packs 120m of elevation gain with some steep sections that require grit.

The top signifies the end of the course’s climbing and the start of the descent to those finish line feels.

Lake Manchester

Lake Manchester

Our 100km runners are rewarded with a trip to beautiful Lake Manchester. Construction started on Lake Manchester Dam in 1912 when it was realised Enoggera and Gold Creek wouldn’t suffice to supply the city much longer. Lake Manchester has been extended and still supplies the water grid. Fed by Cabbage Tree Creek and Branch Creek, which Guzzlers run down and up, Lake Manchester is a welcome checkpoint for 100km runners.

Township Break

Township Break

The high point of the 100km course at Lightline Bush Camp leads runners to one of the toughest descents and ascents of the day: Township Break.

This lesser-run break stretches over just 3kms, but will take even the fastest runners around 30 minutes to traverse. And half of it is down hill…

A fast and loose descent leaves runners with a grueling climb out from the creek bed, that will challenge the tired mind as much as it taxes the battered legs.

Runners towards the end of the 100km field will also have the added challenge of navigating this section by headlamp.

Once you survive Township and are through this tough section of the 100km course, Hell Hole and Kokoda will feel like a breeze!

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The Guzzler Ultra held in Brisbane, Queensland is a Western States Qualifier
The Guzzler Ultra, Brisbane, Queensland is a Western States Qualifying Race
Six Foot Track Marathon Qualifier
(50km & 100KM)
Six Foot Track Marathon
UTMB Index Race
The Guzzler Brisbane is a UTMB Index Qualifier Race 100K
The Guzzler Brisbane is a UTMB Index Qualifier Race 50K
The Guzzler Brisbane is a UTMB Index Qualifier Race 20K
The Guzzler Ultra Trail Race is proud to be a 1% For The Planet Member

As trail runners, we love our natural environment and believe that it is a space worth protecting, to ensure it is there for many future generations to enjoy.

One way we aim to take responsibility is by being a 1% For The Planet Business Member.

Those Guys Events acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands where we run, and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

The Guzzler is hosted by Those Guys Events. ABN: 88601 37205212