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Of Sweet Brissie Trail Time

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What is the Guzzler?

Trail Discovery

Discover wilderness in Brissie's back yard! The Guzzler is Brisbane’s very own trail ultramarathon. Follow your feet over hills, through National Park and past waterways as we take you on a tour of some of our favourite trails. The Guzzler course mixes fire trails with single track and everything in between. You'll need your wits about you as you tackle some steep hills and loose trails, but you can guarantee you'll have fun while you're at it!

No road running, no repetitious loops - nobody has time for that! This is true trail ultra territory, accessed right from Brisbane's doorstep.

Choose your dose

Half Or Full?

The Glass Half Full

Serves One Keen Runner: 

Thirsty for a sip of adventure? Dip your toes into the ultramarathon pool with our Glass Half Full 50km option.

We'll serve you up with a good climb to start you off, followed by a meandering loop of pleasant reservoir. Don't get complacent though - just as you relax into the view, you'll have to ride the waves of some rolling hills, before being served a dash of creeks and another (deceptively hilly) reservoir loop to whet your whistle.

Last drinks are called at the final checkpoint before heading home for a spectacular downhill finish past some Falls (which may or may not have water in them.. it is Queensland after all) and into the loving arms of family, friends, or whoever happens to be in the finishers chute.

Have a drink, you've earned it.

The Guzzler 100

Serves One Tough Cookie:

The Full Guzzler is sometimes described as a 'tall drink of water'*. It sure is a looker and will quench your thirst for a challenge with 100km of 'rolling' hills and reservoir views. If you're the type of person who heads out just as everyone else has decided to go home, this run is for you.

Leaving the Glass Half Full runners at water hole number two, you'll face about 1000m of vert before you see your crew again. Just as you think it’s becoming smooth sailing, BOOM! Several mounds of opportunity and lots of loose track will wash away all hope of that. It's not over yet though, Hell Hole awaits.. 

Don’t worry. We’ll get you home.. eventually.

Oh.. it's going to be fun, isn't it!

*By us.. but we're hoping it will catch on.

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The Guzzler is hosted by The Trail Co. ABN: 90609730985