The Guzzler Ultra - Year 620th—21st July 2024

Event Rules

Be nice / play fair / enjoy the run
Let’s have good, clean, fun

Event Rules

We want to keep you all safe and give every runner the best experience possible. To do this, we’ve laid out a few event rules to make sure we all place nice and fair. Any runner found breaching the rules may face time penalties or disqualification and potential exclusion from future events.

  1. You must complete the full, marked course on foot, under your own power.
  2. You must carry your own Mandatory Gear at all times. Random gear checks may be carried out and a 40min time penalty applied for any item that is missing. If this is incurred while on-course, the runner must arrange for the missing item(s) to be replaced before they can continue. Serious breaches or failure to obey Event Crew requests may lead to disqualification.
  3. Outside assistance of any kind is not permitted except within the designated areas of official checkpoints. This includes the supply of water, nutrition, equipment or similar from anyone who is neither registered for the event nor a member of the Event crew. In the interest of safety, you should accept these as required, however this will mean your withdrawal from the event.
  4. Pacers are not permitted unless they are also registered for the same event. Supporters are encouraged but must not run alongside their runner for more than a few metres and must not offer any physical assistance to the runner. Hugs, high fives and similar are of course permitted and encouraged!
  5. Performance enhancing drugs are prohibited. Any individual who is credibly proven to have used these during the event may face disqualification.
  6. Any entrant that is currently sanctioned, or has been issued with a sanction in the 5 years prior to the upcoming event date, for violating the World Anti-Doping Code will be disqualified from competing in the event.
  7. Trekking poles are permitted but must be fully collapsible like these trail running poles so that they can fit inside of, or strap to the outside of, your pack. For participant safety, poles cannot be used in the first 1km of the Event.
  8. Your race number must be visible at all times on the outside of your clothing and front of your body. It must not be worn on your leg/pants.
  9. Do not fold, cut or otherwise damage your race number in any way.
  10. Anyone found to be running under another person’s name will be disqualified and banned from future events, as will the original runner.
  11. If you withdraw from the event, either at a designated checkpoint or between checkpoints, you must sign a withdrawal form at the nearest checkpoint.
  12. The instructions and requests of Event crew must be followed and you must withdraw if instructed to do so, whether due to course cut-offs, missing mandatory gear, concerns over your well-being or any other reason.
  13. Littering, vandalism, poor sportsmanship and other anti-social behaviours may lead to disqualification.
  14. Each participant is responsible for the behaviour of their supporters and may be penalised or disqualified for any breaches by their supporters of these Rules or the Code of Conduct.

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The Guzzler Ultra held in Brisbane, Queensland is a Western States Qualifier
The Guzzler Ultra, Brisbane, Queensland is a Western States Qualifying Race
Six Foot Track Marathon Qualifier
(50km & 100KM)
Six Foot Track Marathon
UTMB Index Race
The Guzzler Brisbane is a UTMB Index Qualifier Race 100K
The Guzzler Brisbane is a UTMB Index Qualifier Race 50K
The Guzzler Brisbane is a UTMB Index Qualifier Race 20K
The Guzzler Ultra Trail Race is proud to be a 1% For The Planet Member

As trail runners, we love our natural environment and believe that it is a space worth protecting, to ensure it is there for many future generations to enjoy.

One way we aim to take responsibility is by being a 1% For The Planet Business Member.

Those Guys Events acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the lands where we run, and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

The Guzzler is hosted by Those Guys Events. ABN: 88601 37205212