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Lee Stoermer

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We’re so lucky to have some amazing people lining up for both The Guzzler and The Glass Half Full. In the lead up to race day, we’re featuring some of the athlete stories here. In this edition, we meet Lee Stoemer who has recently turned things around and gone all in. 

Let’s Meet

Lee Stoermer

“I wanted to experience the pain of just how unfit I was as a wake up call to change my life [..] I’ve now lost 17 kilograms, and still more to go.”

Why are you running The Guzzler?

I’ve always loved the outdoors, initially through my passion for photography and getting lost in the wild (Photography IG is @lee_storm). When good mate of mine and fellow Guzzler entrant Rowan Cassidy got into the running scene, I was inspired to start heading out on the trails also. I’d been going through some personal challenges which I needed to overcome, and by mid 2017 my weight had blown out to 110 kilograms, so for the sake of my health, fitness and having the energy to get out and about with my kids, I decided to put myself through a world of hurt by entering the 30km Brisbane Kokoda Challenge.

Beforehand I only did a handful of training runs and no strength training – which I knew would be nowhere near enough – but I wanted to experience the pain of just how unfit I was as a wake up call to change my life. I vividly recall struggling up ‘Hellhole Break’ around 15km in, and it felt like all my leg muscles were shearing from the bone, I’d never been in so much pain in my life. Mentally it was a challenge to push through, and when someone ran by cheerily commenting that some people use that section of track for “Everest Base Camp training” I dug even deeper and upon finishing told myself I now need to get my ass into gear and get fit!

I’ve now lost 17 kilograms, and still more to go to get in shape not only for The Guzzler, but for the long term goal to finish a UTMB event before I turn 40. Thankfully I’ve still got a handful of years up my sleeve to reach the required level of fitness (and points!).

How long have you been trail or ultra running?

Almost 2 years now, enough time to learn what an ITB is (and the pain and frustration that eventuates from it!). The longest distance I’ve completed in that time is a run/hike of the 30km Kokoda Challenge in 2017 and ‘18. With a training plan in place for the next 6 months I look forward to completing my first Ultra in my own backyard of beautiful Brisbane!

What’s your proudest trail running moment?

I would have to say coming back to Kokoda Challenge in 2018 and still completing it faster than my 2017 time – even with carrying ITB issues into the event and having to slow the pace with a team mate getting injured (although he did manage to see out the final 15km on a twisted ankle – well done Steve!), and then playing a game of soccer that evening as we were short players!

While proud of the effort, I was left with a niggling feeling of unfinished business, knowing there’s still improvement to be had – so when The Guzzler was announced which traverses many of the same trails, I thought it was the opportune time to attack it again!

How will you get through the tough times on course?

Well to start with I think I’ll be able to retain my toenails thanks to Tim at The Trail Co’s very good advice and recommendation of Altra Lone Peak’s. Also staying mentally strong, positive and prepared by knowing what’s in store will help a lot, having already experienced the highs and lows (literally) of the majority of the course. Lastly, properly managing nutrition and calorie intake, Clif Bloks/Gels and Tailwind will keep me alive and kicking.

What’s your goal for the event?

I’ve plugged the course .GPX data into Garmin Connect (it’s public and called The Guzzler 50k Glass Half Full for anyone who needs it!) and punched in 8 hours which is what I would like to come in under. That will require me to maintain an average pace of 9:35 min/km, so as long as I stay under that I’ll be on track to achieve my goal.

Who would be your ultimate race crew?

I’d have to say Jim Carrey (as Ace Ventura) and Ryan Reynolds (as Deadpool) – they’ll provide oodles of entertainment value to take my mind off the pain!

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