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We’re so lucky to have some amazing people lining up for both The Guzzler and The Glass Half Full. In the lead up to race day, we’re featuring some of the athlete stories here. In this edition, meet Yun Phua. As the recent winner of the Blackall 100, and a Brissie local, we can’t wait to see how he tackles The Guzzler in July. For now, we’ll settle for a quick chat with the man himself.

Let’s Meet


“I’m in awe of runners who get to a point in these ultra races when they can’t run anymore but still walk for hours just to get to the finish line.”

Why are you running The Guzzler?

It’s an ultra trail race that starts essentially in the middle of Brisbane so, given that I live here, how could I not sign up for it. Would definitely feel I was missing out if I didn’t run it!

Plus it’s the inaugural event! The Trail Co. have done a great job in promoting the race and it looks like it’s going to have a great atmosphere.

How long have you been trail or ultra running?

I’ve been running on and off for a while though only started trail and ultra running around four years ago which was about the time I first moved to Queensland. My first trail race was the Mt Mee Marathon followed by the Glasshouse Mountain Series. From there I ran a few more races down in Victoria, had a longish break, and then got back into it again a couple of years ago when I moved back to Brisbane.

What’s your proudest trail running moment?

Finishing and winning the Blackall 100 earlier this year. After I didn’t finish back in 2014, it was on my list of races to do again. I’d spent most of the year running road races and had forgotten how hard 100km on the trails can be. In the end, it was a relief to get to the finish line on a hot and humid day. Coming first in that race was an added bonus.

How will you get through the tough times on course?

I should probably get a few more strategies before my next race. In the past, when things have gotten tough, I’ve just stopped my Garmin so I’m not aware of how slow I’m going and just pushed on. Usually things seem to improve with a bit of time. There’s also potato chips and flat Coke which somehow seem to work.

What’s your goal for the event?

The goal is always just to finish. It’ll be great to run things as evenly as possible but I reckon it’s equally impressive to run hard, hit the wall, and walk it in. I’m in awe of runners who get to a point in these ultra races when they can’t run anymore but still walk for hours just to get to the finish line. I haven’t done that yet … maybe 2019 is the year.

Who would be your ultimate race crew?

Would have to include Peter Bracken, basically the third fastest parkrunner in the world, jogging to pace me and Tim Lim to write it up.

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From first timers attempting a new challenge through to experienced ultramarathoners, front, middle or back of the pack, everyone attempting The Guzzler and The Glass Half Full is an athlete and everyone has a story. Want to share yours with us? We’d love to hear from you as we get to know some of our Guzzlers.

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The Guzzler Ultra, Brisbane, Queensland is a Western States Qualifying Race
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