Seeking: the GRITtiest Guzzlers


Our mates at Aussie Grit have thrown down one ripper challenge for you all: the 'Aussie Grit Hell Hole Hustle'. The fastest guy and gal to make it through Hell Hole will each win everlasting fame and fortune as well as an awesome Aussie Grit prize pack*. So, who is The GRITiest of them all?

*Fame and fortune not guaranteed. 

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Hell Hole
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*Live on race day

After the excitement of our Suunto KOM race start, the Aussie Grit Hell Hole Hustle will present you with another quandry. Do you go all out through this section to be crowned Grittiest Guzzler.. or do you pace yourself and chase overall Guzzler glory? Maybe you even have the trifecta in you?

And as though the bragging rights weren't enough, Aussie Grit have put a running pack (including shorts, shirt and a beanie) on the line - one each for the Hustle King & Queen!

The Hustle stats: 

  • Starts: Exit of McAfees Lookout Checkpoint
  • Ends: End of Hell Hole Break (exit onto South Boundary Rd).
  • Distance: 3.3km
  • Descent: 243m
  • Ascent: 176m

Check out the Strava segment and KOM below.

*Please note: the Strava segment has been made slightly shorter than the event day Hustle. This was done to allow everyone to compare their times during training without worrying abut GPS inaccuracy. Event day results will be tracked via live timing mats at the start and finish of the race segment.



  1. There will be two winners. ONE female GRITtiest girl and ONE male GRITtiest guy.  
  2. Winners will be the fastest person of their gender to complete the timed Hell Hole Hustle (HHH) section of The Guzzler / The Glass Half Full, as determined by our electronic race timing system, or manual timing backup in accordance with the race gun time. Placement of the electronic timing mats will be fixed throughout the duration of the race to create a fair and comparable HHH split time.
  3. One winner per gender will be determined from all runners across the Guzzler AND Glass Half Full. For example the fastest runner in The Guzzler may later be beaten by a faster runner in The Glass Half Full, if their HHH split time is shorter.
  4. To qualify to win the HHH, the racer MUST complete the whole of their registered event, within the designated race cut-off times, as per the race rules. If the fastest HHH racer later withdraws or is disqualified for any reason, the HHH title will roll down to the next eligible competitor.
  5. The HHH winner does not need to be the overall race winner of their registered event.
  6. Play nicely! Any pushing, jostling, obstructing of members of the public or other anti-social behaviour may see you disqualified from the HHH or potentially the whole event.
  7. While live tracking of the HHH will be available, we reserve the right to adjust the segment times of runners if required due to calibration or any other error of the live timing system.  
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