The Guzzler Ultra - Year 323rd—24th July 2022
Ambassador Program

Become a The Guzzler Ultra Race Ambassador

We believe that the people are what make trail running special. It’s more than just the winners that make trail races exciting, interesting and inspiring so this year we’d like to share the journey to the 100km start line with three of our Guzzlers, in the hopes of inspiring all of us to back ourselves, whatever the challenge is that we’d like to conquer.

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Why You Should Apply

As race directors, we know that there can be a variety of barriers to running ultra-distance event. We also acknowledge a lack of diversity represented in our sport can lead to many feeling like it’s not ‘for them’. It’s a beautiful community which we’d like to share with anyone who wants to be involved, so if you have a why to share – especially if it’s one you feel is under-represented or unique – we strongly encourage you to apply.

What’s Involved?

The three ambassadors will each receive a free entry for the 100km event at The Guzzler Ultra. All we need is for you to share your story as we all train and prepare. This will be through videos, pictures, social media and short blog posts. Nothing complicated and we’ll work with you as needed, so don’t worry if you’re not a confident writer, for example.

How To Apply

Running 100kms is a big undertaking, and we all have our own personal reasons for standing on the start line. It’s the why that drives us, gets us through the tough training, carries us forwards when times are hard or when things go wrong, and why we make it over the finish line.

Fill in the form below and tell us WHY you’d like to take on The Guzzler Ultra 100km and what running means to you.

Applications are open until 21st November.

After that, we’ll choose 3 applicants to be our 2022 Ambassadors!


Thanks for your interest in the 2022 Ambassador program. We’ve had an amazing response and we’ve now closed applications to work through the applications we’ve received. 

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