The Guzzler Ultra - Year 323rd—24th July 2022

Singlet Comp

Be Cool, Win Cool Gear
Because we need ’em…

Comp Rules

If you’ve been paying attention, you may have worked out we like things to be a little whacky and we love seeing pictures of you out on the trails, a-Guzzlin’ along. So.. give us more!

We’ll be following your adventures closely and even giving out some spot prizes, thanks to our sponsors, wherever we feel they’re deserved.

So how do you win?

  1. You must be wearing your AMAZING Guzzler singlet, your funky new Guzzler headband (it’s cool, just ask us) and a Mo’, because.. fun.
  2. Post your #theguzzlerultra pictures on Instagram or Facebook and tag us. Please note: posts must be public for us to be able to see them.
  3. We’ll reward our favourites with random prizes between now and race day.

The prizes: we don’t have a fixed quota of prizes to give away but do have an awesome prize pool and we’re itching to give it away. How many we give away will depend on how enthusiastic and funny you lot are. No doubt, we’ll be giving a lot away!


  1. Judges’ decision is always final.
  2. We may share some of your pictures without giving out a prize. We need to pace ourselves a little, after all! 
  3. Prizes are not transferable for cash or other products.
  4. Prizes can be shipped to Aussie street addresses for out-of-towners.
  5. Please don’t do anything stupid (the bad kind), illegal or anti-social while in our singlets .. or ever.. but especially in our singlets!
  6. Remember to high five other Guzzlers out on the trail. Happy Guzzlers make more happy Guzzlers and we love happy people.
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