The Guzzler Ultra - Year 522nd—23rd July 2023

Important Updates

Please read the following announcements which contain important updates and changes for the 2022 race weekend.

These may be in addition to the published runner’s guide as we approach race weekend.

We may also communicate important updates via our channels but all important updates for runners will be listed here. We recommend you check back here for any notifications you may have missed, before attending the event.

Update: 22 July 2022, 13:00

100km Course Change

Due to rain falling on newly flattened trails (that are not packed down hard yet), emergency support access around Lake Manchester may be impacted and so we have had to alter the 100km course for runner safety.

The 100km event will now be 2 x laps of the 50km course.

This course alteration makes only minor impacts to the distance and elevation for the event, but will mean changes to access points to crew and drop bags.

  • 100km runners will now have access to their Gold Creek drop bag upon both entries into Gold Creek, so pack anything extra you’d like into the same “Checkpoint 3” drop bag and leave it at the check point when you exit the first time, ready for visit number 2.
  • What would have been CP 4 at Lake Manchester has moved to the start finish line so your crew can still come and support you there. This distance is relatively the same so timing should be similar.
  • CP 5 at McAfees Lookout is not very impacted, you’ll just get there about 7km earlier. Drop bags will be available as expected. We’ll try to move the event bus loop for crew to visit to begin slightly earlier to compensate, but at this stage those times are unchanged.
  • Light Line bush camp has moved to Walkabout Creek so this will now be open to spectators (but no crewing). It is the same distance in the course as Light Line would have been so similar timing.

Please familiarise yourself with the modified 100km course details which outlines the new course and checkpoint information, and replace your 100km Maps.Me file with a copy of the 50km course map .kml file. If you don’t delete the 100km map, make sure that it’s switched off so it’s not visible over the top of your new map.

Update: 22 July 2022, 9:00

Required Gear

100km runners. Due to the weather in the lead up to the 2022 event & the fairly low temperatures expected on the event evening, participants are REQUIRED to carry their Fleece when they are running after dark. 

Those travelling slowly in the 100km are recommended to carry their fleece from Gold Creek reservoir. You can put this in a drop bag to be picked up before dark. 

The recent rain may make rescuing you challenging so this item should be used to help you keep warm in case of an emergency extraction.

Update: 20 July 2022, 14:00

Checkpoint 3: Gold Creek Reservoir closed to all crew and spectators

Due to forecast weather, Gold Creek checkpoint is to be accessed by runners and aid station staff only.

The SEQ Water trails around Gold Creek Reservoir suffered heavy damage earlier this year following the extreme weather event that led to Brisbane flooding.

Recent rehabilitation and recovery work has allowed us to access the trails for The Guzzler event, with some of the trails only reopening in the last few weeks. As these areas are still in a delicate condition, the land managers have concerns about us causing further damage.

While Saturday and Sunday still look very pleasant, the forecast is predicting heavy rain for Thurs and Fri which would soak ground that is only just drying out after a very wet year.

For this reason, we’re mitigating the impact of vehicles across the course as much as possible. We know this is disappointing for those of you who were planning to have crew or be crew. Our preference is always to have your supporters cheering all over the course, but the priority is for the run to proceed and this is a necessary step towards that end.

In order for the event to proceed, Checkpoint 3: Gold Creek Reservoir will be closed to all crew and spectators on race day. Nobody should drive to Checkpoint 3 except for the volunteers stationed there.

100km runners are advised to use drop bags for any essential personal items that they will need. Information about drop bags can be found in the Runner’s Guide, pages 12–13.

The checkpoint will still be in place, providing water and nutrition to all runners, as per the Runner’s Guide.

Any crew or spectators who drive into areas we’ve asked you to avoid will jeopardise the future of our event. Please do not think that you are the exception to the rule or are just one car. The gate to the event checkpoint parking will remain locked except for emergency services vehicles access. The public carpark must remain clear for general use.

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