The Guzzler Ultra - Year 620thโ€”21st July 2024
The Guzzler Ultra Ambassador

Ambassador: The Guzzler Ultra 2022

Laura Brennan

A little bit about me
I’m just a girl trying to run trails, and climb hills, and not fall over!

I enjoy being outside in nature and hanging with my friends and so trail running kind of ticks both of those boxes.
which three words best describe you?
  • Determined
  • Curious
  • Cheeky
My running history
Whilst I have dabbled in road and trail running in the past; it really is only since the start of 2021 that I got stuck into trail running properly.

It was the idea of running in the bush and nature that attracted me to trail running. It’s the trail community – or the Trail Tribe – that made me want to stay!

I’ll run with anyone who’s willing to put up with me! Haha. No seriously, I run with many different groups; my trail running club is The Trailiens, I have a running coach and his crew โ€“ Overlap, and I run with a women’s group – Ladies of the Trails Brisbane.

And of course I love running trails with my buddies. If someone is running a trail I haven’t ran before I’ll usually jump on it so I can go exploring new places ๐Ÿ™‚
Why I run
In recent years running trails has been an amazing outlet, a saving grace, and my happy place. It makes my heart happy.

As a chronic illness and severe Endometriosis survivor (I’ve decided I don’t ‘suffer’), I run to physically challenge my body but also to support my mental well-being. And because I simply love it!
“it really is only since the start of 2021 that I got stuck into trail running properly”
Where are your favourite trails?
Mt Coot-tha and Whites Hill are my locals โ€“ which I love. But I really do like a lot of places from Noosa National Park, out to Hiddenvale, and down to Binna Burra.
The trails ahead
My ‘why?’is the idea of completing The Guzzler; running tracks in my own ‘back yard’ and seeing familiar faces along the way – both competing and at checkpoints.
Will this be your first 100km Ultra?
What part of race day are you looking forward to?
The atmosphere at the start and finish line!
What part of the race day do you think presents the biggest challenge or fear?
The hills present the obvious physical challenge, however, it will be the mental game that I will need to be able to harness and overcome on the day. I do think I have the mental toughness to achieve it and have a good day at the same time.
“it will be the mental game that I will need to be able to harness and overcome”
Where will you be training?
I’ll run the hills wherever. I’ll certainly be training on some of the Guzzler track, but Im always try new things and happy to go to new places. It will all likely be in SEQ though.
Any advice or something you’d like to share with your fellow Guzzlers?
Gosh I do not presume to know anything about running ultras – I’m still learning myself!

I will say, when you find that ‘thing’ that makes your heart smile, you really do have to dive on in and just go for it! And for me, that’s the trails. Oh that, and invest in a really good anti-chafing cream!

Running trails really can be for ANYONE!! I’ve now learnt that myself. If you have Endometriosis like me, have a chronic illness, or you’re going through some really tough times, and you have fears relating to running an ultra, or simply starting up trail running… I can assure you the Trail Tribe will have your back and encourage and support you whilst you get going. You just have to take that first step and try. ๐Ÿ™‚

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