25th - 26th July 2020

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On or after race day, you'll be able to find your name in the results page below. 

Hit the "Submit Result" button next to your name and verify you are who you are by entering your DOB, in the format required. Enter all the details of your run and it will be added to the Official Results. If you make a mistake, or want to update your map link later, you can resubmit your result. 

Your result will be loaded and your time based ranking may not update immediately but will be appear in the Results some time after. 

The Virtual Challenge is all about having fun so check out the "Follow Along" tab and don't forget to tag The Guzzler Ultra Facebook page or #theguzzlerultra in your public social media posts to share your adventure.

If social media isn't your thing send us a picture using this form to give us updates!

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