The Guzzler Ultra - Year 323rd—24th July 2022

HEST Medic Event Information

This is the table of checkpoint contacts:
Simpsons Falls Event Precinct Medical Hotline – 0423 596 002
Director Hotline – 0492 954 403
Tim Coles – 0422 112 417
Laura Moran – 0431 658 631
Walkabout Creek (Sat) TBC
McAfees Lookout
100km runners visit twice
Linda White – 0422 181 668
Jodie Heuval – 0407675925
Gold Creek Reservoir Libby Connolly – 0405 407 922
(No reception – WICEN on site)
Gold Creek / Creek Rd (Lelands Corner) TBC
Lake Manchester Michelle Martinez – 0438 395 314
Lightline Bushcamp (aid point – limited supplies) Tracy Baker – 0458 423 684
Walkabout Creek (Sunday) Kathryn Austin – 0413 463 568

Mapping / Navigating

Our preferred method of mapping is using an App such as Maps.Me. This is an app available for most smart phones with GPS capabilities. The app allows you to see your location and heading in real time. A high level guide to install and load a map is as follows

1 . Download and Install Maps.Me
2. When you open the app opt to save and use “Brisbane” maps.
3. Download the Medic Map for here
5. After downloading the file, select the file and “open in”. If using iphone you need to “share” the downloaded file to

Tips For Correct Use

  • Click on the star icon down the bottom of the app to view which tracks you are viewing. 
  • If you have used before click on the star icon. This will bring you to a list of maps. Make sure only the latest map is ticked so that you don’t have old maps loaded over the top of the latest map. 

Navigating to a point

You may wish to share your location or navigate to a shared location.

To share your location
  1. Click on the Blue triangle (your location)
  2. Choose share
  3. Share as a text message (entering the number or contact as the recipient)
To navigate to a shared location
  1. Click on the link in your text (the shared location)
  2. Choose to open this in
  3. The target location is highlighted. Your current location is the Blue triangle which will move when you do. 


Medic Map Key

To allow you to navigate around the course the paths are colour coded. 
BLUE – Running Course
PINK – Bitumen Roads
GREEN DOT – “309” or “The Barracks” is the medic staging area & the start / finish
PURPLE – Important fire trail driving routes not on running route.
YELLOW DOTS – Checkpoints or manned stations
RED DOTS – Points of interest. Some are just navigation points the race director may tell you to drive to for ease of navigation. 

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